Branding, guidelines, strategy, iconography, social media, packaging design.
Branding development for the unique Oodle Food encompasses a holistic approach, seamlessly blending concept, imagery, packaging, stamp, and social media development. Our concept revolves around celebrating the distinct dietary needs of oodle breeds, reflected in every aspect of our design. Vibrant imagery bursts with personality, capturing the playful essence of our furry friends and creating an instant connection with pet parents. Packaging is not just functional but a visual delight, with a luxury style and dynamic graphics ensuring Oodle Food stands out on the shelf. The stamp of quality is  a testament to our commitment to excellence, assuring customers they're providing the best for their beloved companions. And through social media development, we extend the Oodle Food experience online, fostering a vibrant community of oodle enthusiasts who share in the joy of superior nutrition and happy, healthy pets.​​​​​​​
Logo was provided by client.

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