Surimag by Chloé Ruiz
Chloé is a French graphic designer graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she lived most of her life before moving to Australia. 
Inspired in art, nature, cultures, fashion, gastronomy and design, Chloé founded Surimag in 2015: a creative graphic design atelier. Surimag brings a minimalist elegance to comprehensive branding, including editorial, packaging, print collateral and digital design. Her work is reflective, functional and she likes to think that contributes to the culture in a positive and consistent way. Along with work, she has also been developing her photography skills. 
In 2020, she won the first place on the CLAP award in the category Advertising, Best Ad and Public Outdoor Campaign, created in Cafe Image Design studio for "La Noche de las Ideas 2020", a cultural event organised by l'Institut Français d'Argentine.
Her clients are worldwide brands from Australia, Argentina, United States and New Zealand. Some of the most notable are: Bendooley Estate, Christina CertainFelipe QuintoKamalaya Hospice, Poseidon Creations.
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